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    A San Miguel Oktoberfest celebration of the DLSU Men’s Basketball Team winning the year’s UAAP Crown! #ArcherCountry

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    Get to try our adventurous bar food. You can afford it, but do you dare try it?

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    The #PlatoAM. Available 12 midnight to 12 noon (as long as we’re up).


 In college, you experience a whole lot of everything.
You are just thrown into a world where everything you do, you are experiencing – first time or not – in a different magnitude.
And who do you want to spend it with – experiences great or small, happy or sad, exciting or lame – your college family.
Find them here. Your college family. Your story.


The streets of Taft are an academe playground in the light of day.
As sun gives way to fun, we are suddenly involved in a game of musical chairs, everybody needs to find a place to sit, better find a place where it feels like home as we conceal our sins in the shadow and the morning comes to cleanse it all away.
RED BULL THRE3STYLE (September 2013)
PLATO ANNIV WEEK 2013 (June 2013)

Experience: Afffordable Culinary Adventures

We at Plato we adhere to the belief that delicious food must not be expensive and that food is meant to be shared. From our culinary standpoint, every variety of food has an adventurous side and all it needs is a dash of zesty imagination.
Affordable Rice Bowls
Bar Food Adventures
Plato AM